Music Hall Cruise Control 2.0

The music hall cruise control permits the electronic speed control of your AR turntable between 33.3 and 45 rpm at the simple touch of a button. The quartz-locked speed control provides unmatched speed stability to within ±0.0001% deviation.  The replay speed can be increased and decreased in twenty steps of 0.1 rpm. Removing the platter and moving the belt from one pulley to the next is no longer required! In addition, the motor should be noticeably quieter in 33rpm.  Lastly, this will eliminate the issue of the motor pulsing even when the AR power switch is “off.”  Note: Has only been tested on the mid-80’s Hurst motors and power supplies.  Not made for use with VN Upgrade Motor below.

  • nominal speeds 33 and 45 rpm
  • quartz oscillator speed stability 0.0001%
  • pitch control 20 step/0.1 rpm
  • turntable connection AC (3W power consumption max.)
  • 120V/AC (3W power consumption max.)
  • outboard power supply 16V/1.000mA AC

Please note that shipping time can sometimes take as long as 10 to 14 business days. It is recommended you purchase a Vinyl Nirvana belt at the same time. See below.

Recent feedback:

“Just wanted to let you know the Cruise Control II works like a charm.  I have the original Hurst motor in my c.1980s The Turntable and while noise has never been an issue, it is noticeably quieter now. I’m also surprised (even though you said it would happen) at the absence of pulsing after shut-off.  I don’t understand it, but the pulsing is gone.  Finally, the convenience factor cannot be overstated.  With all the 45 releases these days, it is a delight not having to remove the platter to move the belt.  I imagine this will extend the life of the belt as well.  All in all, money well spent.”  HY, Sayville, NY

More details here.