Welcome to Vinyl Nirvana’s Tip of the Week for August 15th, 2011

If you work with anything that requires, or would benefit from, magnification, you owe it to yourself to purchase a magnifying visor. A few years ago I used to use a magnifying glass on a gooseneck. It served the purpose, but more times than not, the gooseneck or the magnifying glass was in my way and I was always contorting to get a job done. Next, I bought my first magnifying visor… a cheap all -plastic one from eBay.  I was so thrilled with the hands-free aspect and the ability to change lenses ( magnification) that it was easy to ignore the hard plastic digging into my forehead or how uncomfortable it was on a hot day.  Then last year, I purchased the magnifying visor pictured above made by Bausch & Lomb.  This visor not only features changeable lenses as before, but it is made to be comfortable on your head. There are three points of adjustment, rather than two.  However, most importantly, the parts that are in contact with your head are padded with either real leather or a substance with a real leather feel. Where before I would tear off the old plastic visor the second I had the chance, I now find myself wearing this set for much longer periods of time. Perhaps best of all, my wife no longer makes fun of me for the red indent in my forehead!  (I got my visor on Amazon for under thirty dollars.)