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Recent Testimonial:

“Life is short.  When I run into someone that has a true passion for what he does, I am always impressed.  I cannot tell you how impressed I am with Dave from Vinyl Nirvana.  I was about to buy a new turntable when I found Dave on the internet.  After some lengthy conversations and a lot of guidance I decided to buy a table from Dave instead of buying a “new’ one.  This has proven to be a fantastic decision.  My new Thorens turntable arrived recently (incidentally it was packed to perfection and as a watch and camera collector, trust me I know) and I could not be happier.  Dave had transformed a vintage turntable into what I would consider a “modern classic”.  We had a small set up issue but Dave actually prepared my own personalized utube video to help me correct that issue and that was amazing.  I am spinning away in “Vinyl Nirvana”.

Here are some photos of this masterpiece and again, VINTAGE PERFECTION.
THE BUYING EXPERIENCE WAS SUPERB.  Dave and his concept and dedication to excellence is truly rare in this rush-rush world we live in.  It has been great to slow down and appreciate the music, the craftsmanship and the total feeling that Dave gave me during this transaction.  I feel like I made a great connection and a new friend.  Kudos to you my new friend.And thanks for being there always.”
LW Holbrook, NY
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