AR Outer Periphery Clamp Ring Details

The periphery clamping ring is constructed from a metal alloy that is both strong and durable. The inner edge is designed to clear most of today’s cartridge bodies.  The outer clamp ring is a key purchase in moving toward the Merrill Platter System: the Vinyl Nirvana Acrylic Platter, the Merrill-Scillia Lead Mat, the Outer Periphery Clamp Ring and a record weight.  The platter system is your ultimate goal in performance upgrades and should be, in my opinion, the “prize” for all mid-80’s AR owners.

Note: In most cases, the stock AR dustcover will not fully close with use of the ring clamp.


  • Thickness: .700″ (17.78mm)
  • ID: 12.250″ (311.150mm)
  • OD: 12.980″ (329.692mm)
  • W: 1.2lbs (.468kg)
  • Proprietary Metal Alloy

Note: If your record support platter has a diameter of 12.250″ and straight sides, then you will be able to incorporate this into your non-AR playback system.