AR Replacement Acrylic Platter Detail

Another AR modification that was conceived and designed by George Merrill and then later refined by Anthony Scillia.  The stock mass-produced aluminum AR outer platter is notoriously resonant.  This high quality acrylic platter is machined with a recess in the underside to fit rigidly with the stock AR drive platter. The platter is the first step to take in moving toward the Merrill Platter System: the Vinyl Nirvana acrylic Platter, the Merrill-Scillia Lead Mat, the Outer Periphery Clamp Ring and a record weight.  The platter system is your ultimate goal in performance upgrades and should be, in my opinion, the “prize” for all mid-80’s AR owners.


  • .45 thickness at edge
  • Drop in replacement
  • Individually CNC milled from highest quality stable acrylic
  • Individually hand finished to exacting standards
  • Recess machined on underside specifically for the AR drive platter

Acrylic Platter with Lead Mat

New finish pattern effective Feb. 2012! Looks amazing!