AR Upgrade Replacement 33/45 Pulley Detail

The co-polymer replacement pulley was originally conceived and designed by George Merrill and was later refined by Anthony Scillia.  To hold the stock AR lightweight mass-produced  aluminum pulley in one hand and this beautiful individually milled and hand finished co-polymer pulley in the other, you will know right away this is money well spent.  Before the GEM Dandy Upgrade Replacement Motor, installation of this high grade replacement pulley was one of the best modifications you could undertake to limit motor resonance and increase speed stability. Now, the installation of the motor and the pulley truly bring the AR turntables to a new level of performance.  Typical installation time is five minutes.


  • Individually CNC milled from high grade co-polymer
  • Hand finished
  • Drop in replacement
Stock pulley has hollow bottom. Copolymer is solid.
Stock pulley has hollow bottom. Copolymer is solid.


Recent Feedback regarding the Pulley Upgrade:

“Great product, Fast shipping. 5-star service. Thanks!”  John, CA

“Thanks for the upgrade pulley. Definitely makes a difference.” JC