AR Upgrade Replacement Drive Platter Shaft Detail

You can polish your stock AR shaft and you can install a new thrust bearing, but those tweaks will never equal the level of performance offered by the stainless steel shaft coupled with the terpolymer sub-chassis.  It’s not as “sexy” as some of the other mods, but when you think of “where the rubber hits the road” it’s in spinning the platter as smoothly and accurately as possible.

You must ship us your drive platter for installation.  Price includes removal of old shaft, meticulous installation of new shaft, and then a complete buffing of the entire platter assembly.   Finally, return shipping is included!

Note: It is highly recommended to combine the purchase of the stainless steel shaft with a new Vinyl Nirvana Upgrade Replacement Sub-chassis and the replacement of your springs/grommets/studs.


  • High Grade Stainless Steel
  • Individually milled and finished
  • .875 stub length allows for acrylic platter upgrade