AR Upgrade Replacement Sub-chassis Details

Another AR modification that was conceived and designed by George Merrill and then later refined by Anthony Scillia.  The stock mass-produced aluminum AR sub-chassis is notoriously resonant, and the mass produced bearing well is oft noted to have “play.”  The combination of the new stainless steel shaft with this amazing terpolymer sub-chassis, really takes the mid-80’s AR to a level of performance comparable with tables in the range of 2-5K.  The terpolymer was researched by George and Anthony to provide an optimum level of resonance control for your tonearm and cartridge as they read microscopic detail from the lp’s grooves.  This Terpolymer plastic is dimensionally stable, has virtually no creep, is impervious to moisture, and is very stable across the HZ frequency band.

Once you hold this fine piece of machined terpolymer in your hand and examine the exacting standards to which it is produced, you will find it difficult to mount it underneath the table!

Note: It is highly recommended to combine the purchase of the Vinyl Nirvana Upgrade Replacement Sub-chassis with the installation of the stainless steel shaft in your drive platter and the replacement of your springs/grommets/studs.


  • High quality terpolymer plastic
  • Individually machined
  • Hand assembled and finished
  • Precision ground bearing well
  • 1 Meter grounding wire
  • Recessed spring holes
  • Drop in replacement
  • See installation video above