GEM Dandy Hydraulic Record Cleaning Apparatus Details

Named after its creator – George E. Merrill – the GEM Dandy uses a high-pressure water spray with a special cleaning agent to more effectively clean a record than any other record cleaning machine on the market, no matter what the cost. The apparatus sits in your sink and the high-pressure hose attaches to your faucet so there is nothing to empty, no replacement pads to buy. Just apply the cleaning fluid and aim the sprayer at a 30 degree angle and deep clean your vinyl records, removing all the built-up gunk from the grooves. We like it better than our super-expensive Nitty Gritty Mini Pro and so does the reviewer at¬†Read the review and get all the details on its operation. The GEMM Dandy includes a bottle of GEM Dandy Cleaner, Groove Lube after-wash treatment, manual, and a paper protractor. ¬†Once you’ve tried the GEM, you’ll never go back to another other cleaning method. It is THAT good. Not for use with 78 rpm records.