Gemdandy Gem Dandy AR Replacement Motor Upgrade Hurst Detail

Since they were manufactured and installed, the original stock motor for the mid-80’s AR turntables have been universally proclaimed as the “weak point” in an otherwise highly respected mass-produced turntable.  For years, enthusiasts have performed modifications to quiet and to shield the stock motor. The new GEM Dandy AR upgrade replacement motor, built to George Merrill’s design specs,  addresses the excessive noise and the magnetic energy leakage points.  The motor’s stainless steel shaft will ensure years of quiet running.

Note the motor is “drop-in” for all Hurst-manufactured AR motors.  Models fitted with Airpax or other AR motors may require drilling of metal plate and tapping of hole for screws.  The existing motors are clearly marked on their bottom plates.


Shaft size: .124
Bearing flange: 3/8
(110v or 220v)
Drop in fit to AR models using the Hurst Motor


“Got the new [GEM Dandy Upgrade] motor on Saturday and installed everything yesterday… easy install ( I had watched your installation video before ordering which was quite helpful..thanks).  The motor is definitely quieter and the new pulley is great.” –KM, Redlands, CA

“The new motor is definitely quieter than what it replaces.  The old Airpax made a strange “bzzzzt” sound even when turned off!  The new motor is dead quiet when off, with only a light “cog” sound when on. My best description of the improvement from the motor and pulley is a more seamless sound with a better flow to the music.”  PS, South Pasadena, CA