I you just recently discovered the Mose-Hercules II power and speed control unit.  Though I am passionate about this hobby, I am rarely one to embellish the performance of modifications. If anything, I downplay so as not to overbuild expectations.  I want to report here that I was completely taken by surprise with the improvement in the Mose-Hercules II made when I first installed it.  My KAB Speedstrobe indicates the turntable is operating at correct speed both with and without the M-H unit installed, but to my ears, the music just jumps out of the grooves with the Mose-Hercules II installed.  That is compared with both the Merrill upgrade motor and the stock Hurst Motor.  The downside of using the M-H II is you must continue to use the stock Hurst, with its documented issues.  However, the M-H II does seem to quiet the Hurst motor a bit.

Ask me which way an AR owner should go in regards to motors right now, and I am undecided.  I will continue to sort it out and write about it here in my blog as I come to a conclusion.  At present, there are certainly positives to each.  One advantage you do get from the Mose-Hercules II is the ability to switch from 33 to 45 at the push of a button…no more belt changing!

More detailed pictures soon to come!


Typical installation time is under one half  hour.  In addition to the detailed instructions, there will soon be a YouTube video illustrating the simple installation.  If help is needed, a free phone consultation can be arranged at a mutually available time.