Working On and Modifying AR Turntables

This page will share information on how to repair, maintain, and modify your AR turntable. If you modify, keep me in mind for your discarded parts, especially tonearms. I’ll gladly pay you a fair price plus shipping.

New! Video Vault for Do It Yourselfers

Installing the AR Upgrade Motor

Installing new spring and studs

Installing the upgrade pulley

Basic Service to an AR XA

Other helpful links:

For Sale: AR Turntable Mods by Vinyl Nirvana (The original Merrill/Scillia Designs)

NEW! A first class rehab of an XA. Thanks to John Williams! Updated July 2012, even more comprehensive!

Comprehensive .pdf article on changing your arm out on an AR XA. Many thanks to Michael Glowinski.

Two LA Audiofile articles on modding your AR XA.

George Merrill is interviewed and describes his process of refining the Hurst motor

This is an example of changing a belt on an XA or XB.

Changing out the Stock arm of an AR XA with a Mayware Formula IV (Thanks, Dadbar!)

Rewiring an AR XA tonearm by Scott Hamrick

A list of tools and supplies I recommend for work on AR tables.

Audio Karma Thread on Re-hab-ing your AR XA.

Excellent Audio Karma Thread on cue damping on the AR Jelco arms

Another Audio Karma Thread…this one on removing the damping on an XA/XB

AK Thread on fixing a broken armrest on an XA

Great Vinyl Engine Thread on Converting Power from UK to US/US to UK in the mid-80’s AR Turntables (with pictures and diagram)

Excellent Pictorial on fitting a Hurst Motor to an XB/XA without drilling the metal plinth. (See link below, too.) Thanks to David Cheek

Thread at Vinyl Engine which accompanies the pictorial above on fitting a Hurst Motor to an XB/XA.

Eric J. Whitacre/Sound of the Wood

Tim Bailey’s “improved” definitive page on suspension tuning.

The “original” definitive page on suspension tuning by Tim Bailey

How much bounce is too much bounce? Great thread at Vinyl Engine on suspension tuning.

Stylus Overhang for AR XA