Tools and Supplies for Working on AR and Thorens Turntables


Q-Tips: For cleaning tight spots. (But not for bearing wells.) Lintless Foam Swabs for cleaning bearing wells. Green scrub pad: For removing outer layers of grunge and/or deep tarnish Talcum Powder: Essential for proper belt friction. Anhydrous Isopropyl Alcohol: For cleaning pulleys/bearing wells. Lemon Oil: Really brings out the best in oiled walnut Paint Thinner: Use sparingly on oiled walnut to cleanse years of dirt/deposits. Cinch Spray Cleaner: Great on power and rca cords Nevr-Dull: The best tarnish remover for brass parts and the chrome outer platter ring. Mother's Plastic Polish: Helps to liven a lightly scratched dustcover. De-Oxit: Contact cleaner Four TALL soup or veggie cans: Come in handy when adjusting the springs. Set one beneath each corner. You will find many of these items at great prices by using the Parts Express link at top of the page. Their prices are great and their custmer service fantastic.


Two spoons: Great for gently prying off the motor pulley when needed. Micro Screwdriver Kit: Excellent for adjusting tonearm and counterweight. Shure Stylus Pressure Gauge: Takes the guesswork out of stylus pressure. Strobodisc for checking speed accuracy. Small flourescent nightlight on an extension cord...for using stroboscope. Large Magnifying glass on a flexible gooseneck, essential for cartridge work. If you have a tool or supply you find handy when working on your AR, please send it to me at the contact link on the left