Top Ten Vintage Turntable Projects of 2013

Top Ten Vintage Turntable Projects of 2013

With the door closed on 2013, I look back on my favorite projects…


I won’t soon forget getting an email from Ray LaMontagne saying he was interested in buying a Thorens TD-125 Long Base, nor will I forget setting it up with him side-by-side.

The grain on this Morado was amazing…and Vinny did an incredible job centering it on the front!

I really enjoy these special painted AR projects!


Two words: Amazing grain!

For years, all I had ever done with TD-150s was part out the arm and put on another upgrade one. This was a restoration that forced me to really understand the “Kugel” arm.  I will never dismiss it so easily again!

Brazilian cherry: the grain is always exciting to me.

Our first in Bubinga…or as Vinny calls it “Rock.” Of course, I always love the black of the MKII BC top as well.

This was an upgrade project for a TD-145. I love the fact that the customer wanted to keep the classic metal trim piece in front. We will do more of these at some point!

My first turntable with a Blue Note tonearm…love the elegant look and the “dreamy” cherry grain.

Love the boldness of zebrawood, always. Check out the amazing finish work by Vinny.

With special thanks to my “support” team: Vinny, Bill, Andy, Hans, Don & Brodie of Powder Coating Alternatives, Kathy of DMR Industries, Chris of Spray Maine, Jay of  JMK Displays, Jim Campbell, and, of course, my friends and family!