Top Ten Vintage Turntable Projects of 2012

Top Ten Vintage Turntable Projects of 2012

As the door closes on 2012, I look back on my favorite projects…


1. Custom Thorens TD-125 in Zebrawood with Gloss Black Top Plate/Armboard & SME m2-9 Arm

I really enjoyed working with this customer from scratch to create exactly the bold look we got.  Kudos to my plinth maker Vinnie Pace for his amazing work on this and many of my other Top Ten picks.


2. Thorens TD-125 Long Base Reproduction in African Walnut with 12″ SME M2-12R Arm

If you click on the link and read the background story, I think you’ll see why the Long Base project was a favorite.


3. The Baby Grand! AR the Turntable in Piano Gloss Black with Rega RB-303 Arm

I have really enjoyed these excursions into custom paint!


4. The VN-150!  Custom Thorens TD-150 in Expanded Bolivian Rosewood Plinth, Rega RB-250

Like the 125 Long Base project, these expanded TD-150s took a lot of planning and work to accomplish.  Look for more in 2013.


5. Thorens TD-160 Super in Padauk with SME M2-9 Tonearm

Probably the sexiest turntable I sold in 2012…this table’s looks demand attention.


6. Maxed Out AR ES-1 in Original Cherry Plinth w/SME M2-9 Arm

I have only seen a few original AR ES-1s in cherry…always a favorite of mine to restore and customize.


7. Custom Thorens TD-160 w/Grace 727 in Bloodwood Plinth

One of two Bloodwood plinths…love the grain patterns and love the Grace arm in black.

#8 (Still Available for Sale!)

8. The Spitfire!  AR the Turntable in Custom Red Paint, with SME 3009 Arm

Inspired by my teenage love of the vintage Triumph Spitfire…I love the custom red paint!


9. Thorens TD-125 in Caribbean Rosewood Plinth, w/Infinity Black Widow Arm

Again, amazing job on this plinth by Vinnie…and I always love working with the Black Widow arm.


10. Thorens TD-125 MKII in Padauk Plinth, w/SME 3009

Padauk is becoming one of my favorite woods…dense and beautiful.  This was our first TD-125 in that wood.