ES-1 Photo with Merrill Platter and Grace 707 Arm

ES-1 (Connoisseur Series)


There is some muddiness in the distinction between the ES-1 and “The AR Turntable.” See the notes below submitted by Kurt Wolf to Audio Asylum. Thanks to Kurt for helping greatly to clear up the distinction. (I will work to get photos to illustrate this clarification.)


Belt Drive

24 Pole Synchronous Motor, 3 watt Hurst Motor

3.9lb/1.8kg Platter

* 1.5 watt Philips Airpax Motor for Early

33 1/3 and 45 RPM

0.04% Wow and Flutter, -78dB Rumble

Cherry or Walnut Finish

18.19″ W x 7″ H x 15.25″ D with Dust Cover Down

With Arm $500 (1988)

Without Arm $375 (1988)

The stock AR arm was an OEM Japanese product that looked very similar to the Sumiko but wasn’t quite as good. They changed a little through the years too but this was the published specs.

Effective Length – 9″ (229 mm)

Overhang – 19/32″(15 mm)

Friction – less than 20mg horizontal and vertical

Effective Mass – 13 grams

Cartridge Weight Range – 3-9 grams

Stylus Pressure Range 0-3 grams

Arm Plus Lead Capacitance 85 pF

Headshell – Carbon fiber reinforced with clamping screw on arm