AR Turntable History

AR Turntable History

by Vinyl Nirvana

If you own AR turntable documentation not featured on these pages, please contact me. I am always looking to add to the site.

A short youtube video featuring Ed Villchur discussing the AR XA design.

An excerpt from an article by Roy Allison describing the development of the AR XA. It details Ed Villchur’s involvement.”

A link to an interview with Ed Villchur and Roy Allsion from Stereophile. A small section on the AR turntable on Part 2.”

Here’s an AR XA turntable brochure.

Slideshow of slowly unboxing an XA circa 1964 (Thanks Norbert)

An AR the Turntable Brochure

An AR EB-101 and AR Legend Brochure from Great Britain


This is an AR XA ad from a 1964 Allied sales flyer.

This page highlights design and manufacturing changes in the AR XA.

Interesting Thread on Serial Numbers of XA and Variants (Thanks loquatious)

Complete Documentation for an AR XA:

Owner’s Manual
Service Manual
Price List
Parts List
Technical Specifications
Cartridge Mount
AR Needle Force Gauge Instructions
What an AR XA looked like in its original packing.
A detailed view inside a Haydon Motor.
Packing Instructions
Special thanks to several members of and for their generosity. In particular, John Laskey, for the majority of the XA documentation above.