Helpful Links

Helpful Links

The Vinyl Engine’s AR Forum

If you have an AR turntable question, the answer is likely here.

The Analog Dept.

The Analog Dept. was my inspiration for this AR dedicated site.

Vintage Thorens Turntable Parts

A resource for vintage Thorens turntable parts.

Vinyl Nirvana eBay Store

Never know what turntable or vinyl related product I might have listed!

George Merrill’s Analog Emporium

George’s new (late 2007) website dedicated to Analog.

Bren1 Record Clamp

Manufacturer of high quality aluminum record weights…and a great guy to boot.

Six Moons for Audio/Music Lovers

This specific link takes you to the review of the Merrill-Scillia MS2, but also take the time to explore other parts of the web equivalent of Stereophile magazine.

LA Audiofile

Want to put a different arm on your AR turntable? This is the place to start if you are thinking of modifications. Two very informative articles.

Review of the AR XA

Short review of the AR XA at Vintage Speaker Review

The Sound of the Wood

Like me, Eric Whitacre is a lover of AR turntables and interested in the true advancement of their modifications. PS Check out his gorgeous armboards!

How Vinyl Record are Made, Part 1

Part 1 of 2. Youtube video on how vinyl records are made. Fascinating.

How Vinyl Record are Made, Part 2

Part 2 of 2. Youtube video on how vinyl records are made.

Parts Express

Extensive parts and cleaning products for the do it yourselfer.


Another helpful audio discussion forum.

Audio Advisor

Not a day goes by without me checking their Clearance section. Every purchase big or small, they treat you first class.

The Vinyl Engine

A wealth of info on turntables, tonearms, and all things in vinyl playback.

AR History Thread at Steve Hoffman Site

More info on AR products, with a great timeline.

AR EB-101 Reviews at

Some knowledgable reviews of the venerable EB-101. Be sure to go to the second page of reviews.

AR EB-101 raves at TNT-Audio

Some more praise of the venerable EB-101.

Thread on Mods at

An interesting thread regarding mods to a Mapleknoll tt with many references to AR mods and George Merrill.

Audio Century

Great article describing the impact of the AR XA turntable on the hi-fi world.

Audio Asylum

The archive in the Vinyl Asylum is a wonderful resource.


Their Turntable and Tapes forum is informative.