Custom Turntable Plinths

Custom Plinths for AR and Thorens by Vinyl Nirvana

Example of Thorens TD-125 in custom wood plinth
Example of refurbished plinth with custom paint

Custom Wood Plinths

As I have stated elsewhere on the website, I believe strongly that many of these vintage turntables will outlive us.  With that thought in mind, I am excited to offer custom plinths for the mid-80s AR models and for many Thorens models.   These plinths are crafted by a finish carpenter/cabinet maker with over 30 years of experience.  Besides being flat out gorgeous,  they are built more solidly than the originals.   Finishes are chosen based on the appropriateness for the wood that was selected, as well as the buyer’s preference.

You may make your choice of wood, based upon any of the selections at this link in the section entitled “Hardwoods Available”  Please note that clicking on the wood choice will give you a photo sample and some characteristics of that wood.  Of course, because every tree is different, coloration and grain patterns will vary to some extent.

In regards to installation, as part of the purchase price, I will spend up to 30 min. with you on the phone discussing the basics of what you will need to do and what you will need to do it.  As time goes by, I hope to offer YouTube videos to guide the process.  Vinyl Nirvana is also available to take on your installation for an extra fee.

To start the process, please e-mail.  In most cases, custom plinths are completed within four to six weeks.

For every custom plinth sold, a donation is made to Trees for the Future.

Some Examples of Plinths

Thorens TD-125 in Caribbean Rosewood Plinth
Thorens TD-160 Super in Padauk
Thorens TD-160 BC in Bloodwood
AR EB-101 in Cherry Veneer

Custom Refurbished AR Plinths with Professional Paint

AR Plinth Restored and Refinished in Piano Gloss

Many of the mid-8o’s AR turntables are suffering from failing veneer.  We can take that ugly plinth and transform it into a beauty! First, we remove the peeling veneer and glue residue, then we use several layers of autobody compound to create a smooth, paintable surface.  Multiple coats of primer and fine sanding finish the preparation process.

Next, your choice of colors is professionally applied by one of the most respected custom painters in the northeast.  This finish s not some backyard spray can affair. It is a multiple coat and multiple clear coat operation, ultimately buffed and finished by a thirty year professional.  They look amazing!

We can take just your damaged plinth or we can also take on the removal and installation.   To start the process, please e-mail.  In most cases, custom plinths are completed within four to six weeks.

A MESS! AR Plinth with Peeling Veneer
Stripped, Filled, Sanded, and Primed! Ready for the final coat!
Piano Black Gloss! Stunning!

Only your imagination can limit the possibilities!  I look forward to discussing your project!