Gorgeous AR Plinth in Cherry Veneer, $329 plus shipping

I have to admit I am hook,  line, and sinker attracted to the EB-101 style plinth.  I personally love the squared off edges and the detail of the kerf that surrounds the sides.  Therefore, over the years when I have custom ordered a plinth for the mid-80s ARs, it has usually been in this style.  Please note this plinth will also fit the AR the Turntable and the ES-1.

The plinth is made from hand-selected first quality cherry veneer.  My finish carpenter/cabinet maker has an experienced eye for attractive grain.  The plinth is assembled solidly, with reinforcement beyond that used by AR.  Additionally, because these are individually made, they are guaranteed 100% perfect.  Every joint is exactly as you would expect.

When the plinths are complete, I finish each one personally with five coats of tung oil, sanding with quality 320 grit sand paper between coats.  The plinths are predrilled for the top plate, and upon request, will be predrilled for hinges.  Likewise, the power switch hole is pre-routed to precise specs.

Finally, if you need any assistance in transferring your existing turntable into this plinth, I can provide up to one half hour free phone consultation.  E-Mail me if you are interested in this plinth or custom ordering one.  Enjoy the photos….