Custom Turntable Orders

Thorens TD-125 MKII in Jatoba


This page provides information about placing a custom Thorens turntable order with Vinyl Nirvana.

As of the start of 2024, there are three Thorens turntable packages available for custom order:

  1. Thorens TD-160 Super Reproduction with unbadged new Rega RB-330 arm as shown here
  2. Thorens TD-160 Super Reproduction with new Sorane TA-1 tonearm as shown here
  3. Thorens TD-125 or TD-125 MKII with new Sorane TA-1 tonearm as shown here

I always have these models in stock ready to be customized. You do not need to provide the base turntable. 

For each of these options, you get the choice of 3/4″ solid wood and top plate color, silver or black.  Many of the available wood options are shown in the Vinyl Nirvana Instagram account.  Follow us!

Note only Option 1 includes a cartridge. The choices are the Ortofon 2M Bronze, the Hana EL, or the Hana EH.

For options 2 & 3, if a cartridge is needed, I am a dealer for Hana, Ortofon, Grado, and Dynavector.

To begin the custom order process, send an email through the contact link at the bottom of the site menu.  Feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding the turntable, tonearm, cartridge and/or wood options.   Once your questions are answered and you decide to move forward, I will send you the link to where we select our woods.  Once the wood is selected, then the top plate color choice, silver or black, is made. Then finally, if a cartridge is needed, that can also be discussed and chosen.

If you find this process easier by phone, purchase a half hour consult here.  The fee is refunded if you do make a custom turntable purchase.

Once all custom order decisions are made, I put these all into a detailed Paypal invoice. You receive the invoice in your email and are given the option to put 50% down. The remaining balance is due at completion, generally in 8-10 weeks.  Note: if an order is cancelled, due to the custom nature of my business, there is an 8% re-stocking fee.


TD-160 Super Reproduction with Sorane TA-1 tonearm in Black Walnut


Thorens TD-160 Super Reproduction with RB-330 tonarm in Black Limba