Second round testimonials…

Second round testimonials…


Second Testimonial from this TD-160 Super Reproduction owner…after about 5 weeks of ownership…spontaneous email…


“Hi Dave
Happy new year
I am in my man cave with Sade on your table
I see all these new modern tables
They could not possibly sound better
Just wanted u to know how happy I am
Only problem
Buying a lot of vinyl
U rock my friend”


And this spontaneous one from a TD-125 Long Base owner MONTHS later…

“Hi Dave,

Just got done with another long listening session of my fav table and phono cartridge.. you know the ones..
So glorious .. I just had to write you, and let you know, again, how much I love that table you recreated for me!  As well as how happy and satisfied I am with All those SPU’s you recommended I try out.. especially the A95 and Thorens/SME 12 inch arm!
I am so glad there are still guys like you who do this work so well.  And hey, seems today that all the younger people are really getting back into vinyl, doesn’t it.  Should bode well for your business.  I know I enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone I meet who express any interest whatsoever, in real music playback.
Thank you Dave!”
lou 2