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Example of a Thorens TD-160 Super Reproduction Package
Example of a Thorens TD-160 Super Reproduction Package


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I am sending you this quick note to thank you for my Thorens TD 160 Super.  It is definitely SUPER.  I had a Music Hall 5.1 with a Mojo cartridge and thought my system sounded pretty good.  I have a Bottlhead Eros Phono, BeePre Pre, and Paramount Monoblocks playing  in to Blumenstein Mako Floorstanders.  I thought I was hearing great sound until I plugged in the Thorens.  My albums immediately jumped to life.  They are now incredibly lively.  It has  a very crispy tight high end and the lows are punchy and tight.  I am not sure if it is the SME tonearm, the Ortofon Bronze, the performance package or the turntable but all together is sounds magical.

My plan was to use the Music Hall as my secondary turntable.  Now I believe this would be a huge injustice to my ears.  I will be ordering another turntable from you very soon.

Thanks for your dedication to bringing these musical instruments back to life.  It is a shame that people always assume new is better.  There were some smart people who got us to the moon in 1969.  They also knew how to record and reproduce music.