Longer Testimonial, January 2017

Thorens TD-160 Super Reproduction, Jelco 750D arm, Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge (not shown)


Hey Dave,

Well I played a few lps last night and I have  lost count on how many I have played today. I am at a loss for words on just how fantastic my records sound on this turntable with the cartridge you set me up with. Never have I heard my records sound so good. The only trouble I am having is deciding which record to play next. It is a joy to know that in a way I will be listening to all my records for the first time.

Have played some of my MUSIC MATTERS 45 rpm  Blue Note Reissues and the sound has improved so much when I did not think it was going to get much better. Last year I have been reading all the different reviews and opinions on reissues of some of my favorite music. For example the Byrds Mono Reissues, Bowie Reissues etc.  Half of my Byrds lps are original stereo copies, the other half are the early 70s stereo  pressings Since I just played the YOUNGER THAN YESTERDAY lp   ( early 70s pressing and also one of the copies I have thought of replacing with a Mono reissue)   last week and still fresh in my mind I put it on today. It sounded so much better I might not get a mono copy.  What I am saying is that this turntable might save me a lot of money by keeping me from buying a lot of reissues since what I have now is now sounding like a upgrade. Of course the mono reissues have gotten rave reviews.

Everything seems to have more punch to it. I noticed  right away that my volume knob had to be turned down from my regular levels.  I had the new DAVID CROSBY lp on a short time ago it sounds like he is right in the room.  Oh and by the way the table is absolutely  beautiful. I like the dustcover that you can just lift off over the one with hinges. I am glad I did not purchase this during the summer, otherwise I would be missing a lot of nice weather, because I think for now I will be spending a lot of time inside in the near future listening to records.
So anyway I would I like to Thank you Dave for doing such a outstanding job on this turntable. I think I remember you saying you have a guy that does the wood plinth, well tell him i said thanks on his great job also and anyone else that was involved. Also thanks for the professional way you handled this transaction and advice given.


JW, Royal Oak, MI, January 2017