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So what are some pages on Merrill Turntables and Mods doing wedged into a site on AR Turntables? First, the Merrill mods to AR turntables are the most famous mods out there, and second, literally thousands of upgrade kits were sold/installed. Through his experimental nature and his passion for the very best turntable sound, George Merrill eventually took the basic AR design (the suspended subchassis, belt drive design) and, in my strong opinion, improved upon it in a way no other table-maker has.

I have witnessed firsthand the sonic improvements the Merrill Mods have made upon several different AR models, and it has been a longtime dream to own a Merrill turntable. In September of 2005, that dream became reality when I scored an Heirloom MKiii. Though I will always be an AR enthusiast, I have decided to create a series of pages which will centralize web information on Merrill tables. It is my hope that these pages will become as helpful to Merrill owners as the rest of Vinyl Nirvana has become to AR enthusiasts.

With your help, each of the sections will continue to expand. If you have photos, manuals, receipts, brochures, old ads, and/or anecdotes regarding the Merrill Mods or Merrill Turntables, please use this email link. If you know someone who owns a Merrill table, please encourage them to visit and donate photos and info.

In closing, I wish to thank George Merrill and Anthony Scillia for their support of these pages and their contributions of time and materials. Also, Jake Liebhaber for taking the time to scan numerous Merrill-related documents.

David Archambault, Exeter NH

Merrill Turntable Photo Gallery

An Interview with George Merrill, September, 2005

Merrill’s AR Mods

Merrill Turntable and Merrill Mods Documentation

Merrill Turntable and Merrill Mods Links

Merrill Site News

November 11, 2006~Not Vinyl Nirvana news necessarily, but congrats to George Merrill and Anthony Scillia for the introduction of the MS21 turntable which can be viewed at Merrill-Scillia Audio.

October 15, 2006~Added to the Merrill Gallery pages, closeups of the Merrill motor in oil bath.

January 23, 2006~Updated the Merrill Gallery with a Merrill Turntable circa 1984. Note the difference in switch, outer clamp ring, and armboard size.

January 22, 2006~Updates to the AR Modifications Page including new items and services offered by Anthony Scillia of M/S Research, LLC. Also, replacement parts and services now offered for Merrill Turntables!

November 23, 2005~The Merrill Turntable and Mods Pages are unveiled.