Dave’s Walnut Merrill Heirloom MKII w/Sumiko FT-4

Dave’s Walnut Merrill Heirloom MKII w/Sumiko FT-4

My baby! Note the gorgeous grain pattern in the walnut

Closeups of the Sumiko FT-4 forthcoming.

Not a nick on the entire base!

Top view. I use a Speedmat over my lead mat.

This unit has the VPI threaded clamp and outer clamp ring.

This one has the custom drive platter. The lead mat sits between it and the outer platter for further damping.

Sumiko Premier VTA base…I can adjust VTA on the fly! (Carefully!)

Sumiko Premier VTA base w/ adjustment tool this time.


My Benz Micro Ace, Low Output, Side View.

Front view.

Rear view of the table. I recently installed a phono interface box made by The Mod Squad. Shown with Cardas PBJ cables. It turns out there was hum. Switched to an SME phono cable.

Merrill Electronic Speed Control

Side View. Note the matching walnut panel.

Rear view.

The next upgrade will be moving up to a Benz Micro Glider!