Dieter’s Merrill Turntable w/Triplanar IV

Dieter’s Merrill Turntable w/Triplanar IV

Dieter Zimmerer writes: I bought the TT in the USA while living in Virginia. The previous owner used it as a downpayment for a $ 9000 Basis TT. I just happened to come along and see it, loved it and bought it. The salesman (also a friend of mine) told me that it used to be on of the top 10 TTs during its time. Since then I read a few good things here on the asylum and of course it sounded much much better than my Thorens 320.

“The arm is a Weathon Triplanar IV with Cardas wire, cartridge is a Crown Jewel Special Edition Actually the one that The Absolute Sound had for review. I bought it second hand.”

“The invoice reads: ‘Q.C. Signature III Series E.R. MOD'”

This unit has the motor submerged in an oil bath.”

Note the subtle differences between this model and the other turtable in the gallery owned by Corky Moss, which also happens to have a Triplanar IV.