Merrill Modified AR ES-1

Merrill Modified AR ES-1

This unit appeared on eBay in October, 2005. It’s the first ES-1 I’ve seen with a Merrill badge.

Solid Cherry wood base, lacquer finished.

Custom phono jack plate for separate interconnects.

Acrylic/Lead platter with stainless threaded post, balanced with steel bearing.

Acrylic subchassis with A & B spring kits. Hurst synchronous motor. Faucoult motor shield.

Acrylic armboard drilled for Premier arm. Custom silver wired Sumiko Premier MMT arm with damping package.

Sumiko Premier VTA base w/ adjustment tool. Audioquest Litz wire headshell leads.

Special black acrylic dust cover. 3 tip-toe style feet.

I have contacted the new owner for “under the hood” pics. Stay tuned.