Black Rega 3-Point Style Tonearm Mounting Plate Armboard for Thorens TD-16X Models (Copy)


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A black anodized  armboard plate to allow easy installation of Rega RB 101, RB 251, RB 202, RB 220, RB 303, RB 330, RB 700 and RB1000 tonearms to Thorens TD-160, TD-145, TD-165, TD-166, TD-166 MKII, TD-160MKII, TD-160 Super and TD-147turntables. Armboard plate is also compatible with Rega OEM arms. (One piece armboards for RB-250 and 300 have been discontinued, sorry.)

Unlike other manufactured armboards, these are ONE PIECE of high quality machined aluminum.

Mounting screws for arm and armboard (3 for each) are included. Note: To install a Rega arm on most Thorens turntables (Besides the 160 Super and 160B) requires removing part of the metal of the subchassis, best accomplished with a Dremel and a grinding wheel.

Note: The armboard itself is ONE piece…two are shown so the quality of the machining could be viewed.

Additional information

Weight5 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 1 in