Cork-Rubber Composite Mat Upgrade Mat


My favorite turntable mat.  These are nicely machined, with an indent for the label of your LP so your record will lay flat.  The cork and rubber are perfect together, cork helps with gripping and rubber helps with dampening.

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  • Made of Compressed Cork and Rubber
  • High quality machining (not all mats are made alike!)
  • Improves Sound Quality Playback with Cork’s Dampening Qualities (Lessens Vibrations)
  • Lessens / Helps Eliminate Static Electricity On Your Records
  • Grips Record Better Than Standard Felt Mats
  • This Turntable Mat is Non-Static and Non-adhesive
  • 30cm diameter

What Are the Differences Between Cork and Rubber Mats 
Cork Mats are a popular choice. It opens up the sound quality, reduces the instance of timing errors by gripping the record better, and reducing slippage. 
Rubber Mats help to dampen vibrations. 
Cork and Rubber Mats is a unique combination of cork and rubber granules. This composite layer absorbs resonances and vibrations. 

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Weight21 oz
Dimensions12 × 12 × 1 in