Jelco TK 850S Tonearm for AR


Take the performance of your classic AR to the next level by adding a contemporary arm with contemporary wiring.  This upgrade kit allows easy installation of the newly introduced Jelco TK-850S tonearm.


1 Jelco TK-850S tonearm in original packing, new, with headshell

1 Custom DIN Cable, new, 1.2 meter, retail $129



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The Jelco 850S, new to the market in January 2018, is Jelco’s venture into higher end tonearms, but continuing their philosophy of exceptional value.  Unlike their previous arms, this features a knife edge bearing made of superior steel which contributes to very stable and smooth operation. This knife edge is precision handmade and the result is very low friction. It features a universal headshell design and a counterweight that can account for cartridges in a very wide weight range. Like other Jelco arms, this leans on the side of being heavy in mass.

The included custom cable, sourced from the UK, is specifically designed for suspended decks. It features Mogami Mini Starquad Tonearm cable, an angled DIN connector and Starline RCAs. It also has dual grounding. I’ve been using this cable for two years on all of my Jelco arms; it’s an exceptional cable, and it’s included at this price! Most angled DIN tonearm cables made today are too thick/stiff for suspended decks.

No armboard is included.

From Jelco:

“9 inch Static balance tape with headshell

Design Hi-Mass type system, and different kind metal material used for antivibration, it has a very low gravity and excellent sound created from this
tonearm geometry allows for Bearwald alignments which is IEC recommended
universal type counter weight from 17 to 35 g with headshell installed

knife Edge bearing

This knife edge material is specifically made super steel and has a very stable and smooth operation. This knife edge is precision handmade and the result is to have a very low friction

Universal type counterweight

This Very unique structure of counterweight is to set lighter to heavier cartridges without having to change the counterweight itself”

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