Kit Plinth (TD-160) Bubinga

Attractive wood with reddish highlights.

  • Solid 3/4″ Bubinga
  • $375 in style as shown, enhancements add cost
  • Custom made with completion in 7-8 weeks
  • 3 Coats Tung Oil Finish
  • Black dyed mdf bottom plate
  • 4 Rubber feet
  • Large cable cutouts in the mdf bottom
  • Approx 17.25″ wide x 13.75″ deep


Our plinths are crafted by a finish carpenter with over 30 years experience working with wood. They are truly heirloom quality. It may be “easy” to make a rectangle in wood, but it’s exceptionally difficult to make one to this standard in an exotic wood such as bubinga

From The Wood Database

Bubinga can have a Mahogany-like appearance, though it is typically much denser, harder, and stronger than true Mahogany—and also much more difficult to work.


Additional information

Weight160 oz
Dimensions24 × 18 × 12 in