Kit Tonearm (TD-160 Bloodwood Silver) Rega RB 202

Rega RB-202 Tonearm Rewired  with Cardas wire and terminated with Cardas Clips on the headshell end and Art Pop RCAs on the other. Note: installing this arm involves removing a small triangle of metal from the sub chassis, best accomplished with a Dremel style tool  with a grinding bit.


Rega arms are continually hailed for their performance and value.  This new Rega RB-202, badged as Moth, is no exception.  The new three point attachment design mounts the arm rigidly to the new armboard.  The arm has been professionally rewired with Cardas wiring from clips to RCA.  Clips are also Cardas and the RCAs are ART Pop.  If you wish, you can replace the RB202 counterweight and stub with the RB303 stainless steel counterweight and stub for $85.  In my opinion, with the Cardas rewire and the stub/counterweight upgrade sold in Accessories, this arm surpasses the performance of the RB-303 which retails for $595

Additional information

Weight24 oz
Dimensions14 × 6 × 6 in