Kit Tonearm (TD-160 Santos Mahogany Silver) Jelco 550S

The Jelco 550S, new to the market in January 2018, is Jelco’s latest in their tradition of making tonearms with exceptional value. Note there is NO drilling, grinding, or cutting the metal subchassis involved! The Jelco 550S is a drop in fit.


1 Jelco TS-550S tonearm in original packing, new

1 Jelco HS-25 Magnesium Headshell, retail $70

1 Custom DIN Cable, new, 1.2 meter, retail $129

1 Solid aluminum armboard, new,  with hardware to attach arm and armboard, retail $59 Black will be supplied with Black Top Plates, and Silver with a Silver Top Plate. If no Top Plate is selected, then silver will be the default finish. 

Available on backorder

Additional information

Weight24 oz
Dimensions16 × 6 × 6 in