Kit Tonearm (TD-160 Zebrawood Black) Jelco 550S

Jelco tonearm.

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Take the performance of your classic Thorens to the next level by adding a contemporary arm with contemporary wiring.  This upgrade kit allows easy installation of the newly introduced Jelco TS-550S tonearm . By easy, I mean there is NO drilling, grinding, or cutting the metal subchassis involved! The Jelco 550S is a drop in fit with the armboard I provide with the kit.

The Jelco 550S, new to the market in January 2018, is Jelco’s latest in their tradition of making tonearms with exceptional value.  Like their previous 750 series arms, this features a universal headshell, easily adjustable VTA, and the ability to add damping fluid.  Unlike the 750 series, it features a single counterweight that can account for cartridges in a very wide weight range. Most 550S will be sold with a budget headshell, but I am including at no extra charge the HS-25 magnesium headshell with adjustable azimuth. Like other Jelco arms, this leans on the side of being heavy in mass.

The included custom cable, sourced from the UK, is specifically designed for suspended decks. It features Mogami Mini Starquad Tonearm cable, an angled DIN connector and Starline RCAs. It also has dual grounding. I’ve been using this cable for two years on all of my Jelco arms; it’s an exceptional cable, and it’s included at this price! Most angled DIN tonearm cables made today are too thick/stiff for suspended decks.

The US-made Jelco armboards are ONE PIECE of high quality machined aluminum, brushed and anodized.   Check out the exceptional fit and finish using the magnifier. They look amazing.   Included with your armboard are three stainless steel screws for attaching the plate to the table. You can use the existing Jelco nuts/washers to attach the arm with thgree shortened screws I provide.

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Weight24 oz
Dimensions16 × 6 × 6 in