NEW Replacement Springs for TD-125 TD-125 MKII Turntables


Replace your tired old springs. Includes three fresh springs reverse-engineered and then manufactured to match the original Thorens springs, as well as three upper grommets, and three metal washers. (Existing lower grommets must be reused.)

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Thorens TD-125 and TD-125 MKII Replacement Spring Kit for Turntable (Will also work with TD-126 models)

Replace your tired springs. Includes three fresh springs engineered to match the original Thorens springs, as well as three upper grommets and three metal washers.

At last, after decades without true Thorens replacement springs, I have had new springs manufactured by one of the most respected spring-makers in the US. (And then independently verified) These high quality springs were reverse engineered from original Thorens TD-125 model springs…these are not Linn LP-12 springs in disguise! (LP12 springs, by the way, have completely different specs in every key facet of the design)

Obviously, the heart of the suspended turntable design is the springs. They isolate the tonearm and platter in a frequency range that optimizes resonance control. If your tired springs are not doing the job they were designed to do, the performance of the entire turntable suffers.

This new kit not only contains three fresh non-magnetic springs, it contains:
Three upper rubber grommets in a taller design to help increase spring stability in the horizontal plane
Three metal (316 stainless steel) washers and three plastic washers

As with my other kits and manufactured parts, I have tried to meet or exceed the original product. In this kit that is represented by 1) using non-magnetic, non-rusting 316 stainless steel nuts; 2) having the springs coated with black oxide to prevent corrosion; and 3) the taller design grommets mentioned.

Please note the LOWER GROMMET in one picture is NOT included. You use the existing lower grommets.

In terms of installation, this is of medium to hard difficulty. It involves dis-assembly of a good part of the turntable. NOT for the faint of heart. Later this year I will post a series of videos. If you buy before the videos are ready, you should have very good mechanical and/or Thorens TD-125 knowledge.

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