Replacement RCA Plugs Rare 3mm Size for Thorens Cable


Thorens TD-160, 165, 166, 145, 146, 147, 150, 150 MKII, 125, 166 MKII, 146, 160 MKII, 125 MKII Replacement RCA Plugs

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About Me

I have been working on Thorens turntables for most of my adult life. 

I consider it a work of love to restore vintage turntables to their former glory.  Over the last 18 years, I have restored literally 100s. One of the most common issues that can affect one of these great vintage tables is a hum that develops when the stock rca plug(s) fail. 

I have found that in roughly 95% of my restorations, it is NOT necessary to replace the whole cable, just the male rca plugs will do. 

The Pair of RCA Plugs

pair of high quality gold plated plugs that will resist oxidation. Red and white, as shown. 

For roughly five years, I have been using the plugs offered here because most other rca plug openings are too wide for the stock cable. This rca opening is 3mm, just perfect for the stock Thorens cable.  

The opening nicely hugs the existing wire, not too tight, not too loose. The crimp inside the rca plugs holds the wire in place and makes it easier to solder.  Not only do these install easily and sound fantastic, they look great too. (Especially as compared to the stock ones!)


Installation is easy/medium do-it-yourself.  You can move the original cable to a comfortable well-lit spot where you can access it from all angles. Cut off the old plugs, strip the wires, then CRIMP into the new plug and solder it. No need to flip the turntable upside down and solder in super tight spaces! If you have never attempted to solder before, watch a few youtube videos. These rca plugs are a great way to start!  (Wire stripper and soldering iron not included. 🙂

Can I do this? Maybe start here:


I have been using these exact plugs in my Thorens restorations for years. In 95% cases where hum exists when a table reaches my bench, using these plugs has resolved the issue. Even in cases where no hum exists, the old rcas that were not made to resist tarnish are lopped off and replaced with these high quality ones. I also love the internal CRIMP that makes it near impossible to pull the cable out of the plug accidentally! 

In conjunction with replacing the old original headshell leads, listening with these plugs installed on your vintage Thorens is like lifting a veil from your music!  

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