TD-160 Accessories Bundle

Cartridges, Mats, Record Weights, and More!

Dust Cover for TD-16X TD-14x Custom Plinths


  • New acrylic dust cover (Photo appears smoked, but it's clear acrylic)
  • Set-on style
  • NOT for stock Thorens plinth (only Super and 147)
  • 4" Handle cut outs
  • 4mm Thick Acrylic
  • 17" wide, 13 5/8" deep, 3 1/2" Tall
  • Made in the USA

Black Record Weight Clamp

  • Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Exceptional Fit and Finish

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Bren1 Record Weight Clamp

  • Clear Anodized Aluminum (silver)
  • Exceptional Fit and Finish

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Cork-Rubber Composite Mat Upgrade Mat

My favorite turntable mat.  These are nicely machined, with an indent for the label of your LP so your record will lay flat.  The cork and rubber are perfect together, cork helps with gripping and rubber helps with dampening.

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Grado Gold3 Phono Cartridge

Top of the Prestige line-up. A wonderful match to the rewired RB-202, and particularly excellent with horns and vocals.


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Grado Black3 Phono Cartridge

A wonderful match to the rewired RB-202, and particularly excellent with horns and vocals.

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Ortofon 2M Blue Phono Cartridge

Great performance on a more modest budget.  This cartridge excels with most rock, pop, blues, and acoustic music.


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Ortofon 2M Bronze Phono Cartridge

The most common moving magnet choice for Vinyl Nirvana tables. This cartridge does everything right! I love its balance across the audio spectrum, and for a cartridge so good at retrieving music from grooves, it's also very quiet while doing so!


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Ortofon 2M Black Phono Cartridge

The 2M Black is the top of the 2M (moving magnet) line up. The shibata diamond is amazing at retrieving detail. When listening to the 2M Black, one of the most common comments is "Wow, I never heard that before!"

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Upgrade Stainless Steel Stub and Counterweight for Rega RB arms

The biggest short coming of an RB250 / 202 type arm is the plastic counter weight extension. Whilst some companies have produced exotic solutions to this problem, an economical and equally effective upgrade can be had by simply fitting the counter weight and counter weight extension (stub) from an RB303/330 type arm.

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Thorens Standard Drive Belt Replacement OEM with Logo


Nothing works like a genuine Thorens standard belt with logo.  Once your new turntable is adjusted using this belt, all you will need to do in the future is just order this same belt again. If you keep switching belt manufacturers, you will never get things quite right twice in a row. Before checking out, explore other Thorens replacement and upgrade parts. 

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NEW Replacement Springs for TD-160 145 150 160 MKII 145 MKII Super Turntables

NEW Replacement Springs for TD-160 145 150 160 MKII 145 MKII TD-147, TD-160 Super Turntables (The models with METAL drive platters)

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Laser Cut Thorens 3D Logo

New laser cut 3D Thorens logo, approximately 4 5/8" long and 3/4" tall. Made in USA by a highly respected precision sheet metal company.


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