The Master! Thorens TD-125 MKII w/ Sorane TA-1 tonearm, in solid Zebrawood


The Master! Thorens TD-125 MKII w/ Sorane TA-1 tonearm, in solid Zebrawood

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Why buy a restored vintage Thorens turntable from Vinyl Nirvana?

When you buy a restored turntable from Vinyl Nirvana, the table has undergone a multistep inspection, tuning, and detailing regimen.  The work is performed by me, someone who has worked exclusively on belt driven, suspended subchassis turntables such as Thorens, Linn, and AR for over a decade.  I know these models intimately, and have developed techniques over my lifetime to restore them to the best condition possible.  In addition, since I have probably the largest selection of parts for these turntables in North America, if it is determined by inspection that something needs to be replaced because it is missing, broken or worn, it happens.

Though all of the turntables I sell will be 100% functional, because of their age, cosmetic condition will vary.  It is my pledge to you that any and all cosmetic defects will be pointed out in the item description, and whenever it is possible, photographs will be provided.  When you buy from me, it is not like eBay where you have to wonder if you are getting what you are really getting.  If there is a flaw cosmetically, you will know it is there.

As a potential buyer, you should know I don’t just service these turntables, I love them.  Though I have restored hundreds of them, I still find great joy in bringing a vintage turntable back to its glory.  Likewise, if the turntable has been customized, I cared deeply that those items are the best possible ones I can source.  For example, my custom plinths are built by a finish carpenter with over 30 years of experience, someone who cares as much about their sound construction as their beauty.  Likewise, when something is custom painted or powdercoated, I go to a professional company, one of the most highly regarded in New England.  Those are just two examples, but I have made it my mission, when I do farm out work, to get people who care about their finished product the same way I do.

Finally, because none of the above will matter if the turntable doesn’t reach you in one piece, I have extensive experience in safely shipping vintage turntables.  I know the tricks and the techniques to get your turntable to you without incident.  I literally ship over 100 turntables per year, and my success rate is over 99%.  In the fractional amount of cases where there is a problem, it is always resolved with your complete satisfaction as my goal.  A lot of businesses make that claim; with me you will find it is a way of life.

See our testimonial page.

The Master! Thorens TD-125 MKI w/new Sorane TA-1 tonearm, in solid Caribbean plinth

The Story

The TD-125 MKII was Thorens flagship model from the late 60s to the early 70s. It was and is a magnificent turntable using a belt driven, suspended subchassis philosophy, what I feel strongly is the pinnacle of turntable design.

The TD-125 MKII features three speeds: 16, 33, and 45. There is a pitch controller and a stroboscope for precise speed adjustment. The speed control unit has been completely serviced, with the caps, transistors and other parts most likely to fail replaced! It is ready for additional decades of service!

Worthy of this heirloom status, this custom turntable is mounted in a 3/4″ inch solid Zebrawood plinth crafted by a finish carpenter/cabinet maker with over thirty years of experience. It is finished in multiple coats of  Danish oil finish. The custom plinth is substantially more dense and heavy than the stock plinth, which I feel further increases the performance of the turntable. Check out the gorgeous coloring and grain on this one. The 1/2″ bottom mdf.

The cork-rubber composite mat is included.  A new acrylic set on style dust cover is included.  (Shown on different turntable)  A hinged dust cover is available for a charge of $79. Just write a note in check out.  This is the first TD-125 MKII to feature the new Vinyl Nirvana Torlon thrust pad. 

All top plates now feature a brushed aluminum cover, this one is clear anodized and brushed.

Feature on the Thorens TD-125 in Issue 54 of TONEAUDIO on Page 30, with a shout out to Vinyl Nirvana.

Some Thorens History

The new 9″ Sorane TA-1 Tonearm

“Reproduced sound is precise and clean, thanks to hand assembly by highly skilled craftsmen.”

Sorane was founded in 1974. Katsuaki Ishiyama-san collected designing and development knowledge for various tonearms  manufactured by only handmade and assembled process, with his belief the fine tuning is only available by craftsmen’s precise and sensitive hand.   Even after applying modern CNC milling machine at their own plant for basic parts production, their tonearms still rely on craftsmen’s expertise for final assembly, in particular, to have idealized mechanical surface contact with each other, by hand-tuning and hand-adjustment.

The major key to tonearm quality is the sensitivity and stability in retrieving delicate signals, for which the bearings are the determining factor. The TA-l employs a miniature radial bearing for horizontal movement and a miniature pivot bearing for vertical movement. Very high performance is achieved at a reasonable price.  The body is constructed from a machine-tooled solid aluminum block. The hand-assembled arm wand satisfies every vital condition necessary for vibration-free and noise-free reproduction..

Reproduced sound is precise and clean, thanks to hand assembly by highly skilled craftsmen.

Comes with detachable Sorane headshell. (2M Bronze for illustrative purposes only.

Included with the tonearm:
  • Custom DIN cable made with  Mogami Mini Starquad Tonearm cable, an angled DIN connector and Starline RCAs. It also has dual grounding ($139 value)
  • Five year “bumper to bumper” warranty through Vinyl Nirvana. Any issue, just contact us.

Overall, this is a stunning table with a serious arm capable of handling cartridges in the $400 to $2000 range with ease.   I am a dealer for Dynavector, Ortofon, Hana, and Grado. Inquire before or after the sale for pricing.  

The Details

110/120 volt 60 hz or 220V 50hz

Note: Turntables with sprung subchassis are wonderful in many ways for isolating your turntable from unwanted resonances, however, they are susceptible to footfalls. If this turntable is going in a room with bouncy floors, it will need to go on a wall shelf for proper functioning. 

We have over fifteen years experience shipping vintage turntables successfully. All turntables are packed with the utmost concern with them arriving in the same condition you see pictured here.

If the buyer needs it, I can supply up to a half hour hour of help by phone with set up. (At a mutually arranged time.) In general, most buyers don’t need it, but if there IS a problem, I am there. I also have many videos available to hel with various set-up issues.

Your table is guaranteed to look and work as described, or you may return it within ten days of arrival for a full refund, minus return shipping charges and a 5% restocking fee.  After ten days, all returns are for merchandise credit only. If you ever have an issue with your purchase, 3 weeks or months or years after the purchase, please contact me and we will resolve the issue in a way we mutually agree upon.

Read what Ben Folds and others have had to say about buying from Vinyl Nirvana.

You can view original Thorens TD-125 sales brochures with specs here.

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