Thorens TD-125 TD-125 MKii Top Plate Cover Brushed Aluminum


Dramatically improve the look of your TD-125 or TD-125 MKii in minutes. This plate attaches to the top in minutes using double-sided tape.  Aluminum is brushed and anodized for long-lasting great appearance.

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I have loved loved loved the Thorens TD – 125 model for a long long time. However, one of my least favorite things about it has always been the battleship gray/green color of the top plate. I have always joked with customers that Thorens must’ve purchased some surplus paint from the military because it is so unattractive.

In this listing, I am offering a simple alternative to removing the entire top plate and painting it yourself or having it painted professionally. This gorgeous brushed and anodized aluminum plate is designed to fit precisely over the existing plate, attaching with double-sided tape. Installation involves cleaning the existing plate of dirt and grime that would prevent adhesion, and then simply removing the transparent layer from the tape and affixing the top in place by pushing down lightly. (In case you didn’t know, anodized means the aluminum will have extra protection against corrosion.)
As you can see from the pictures, the difference is dramatic. I love how the brushed aluminum complements the brushed aluminum of the front switch plate and also of the control levers. I also like how it contrasts with the black armboard.
Made here in the USA to exacting standards.

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Weight24 oz
Dimensions12 × 12 × 2 in

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