Upgrade options for your TD-125 or TD-125 MKII while here for service

Just shoot me an email if interested in any of these options…

$1595  Upgrade to new Sorane TA-1 tonearm, includes armboard and custom DIN cable. Possible trade in value for original arm on turntable.

$525   New custom 3/4″ solid wood plinth.  May be able to offer trade in value for your original.  MDF bottom and adjustable feet included. Gallery here.

$250  Cardas rewire for your SME tonearm. One piece from headshell out bottom of arm to a 1.2 meter rca cable.

$189   New custom acrylic dust cover, can be used set on style on original plnith or attached to original stock hinges.  See examples here.

$120   New brushed aluminum top plate cover in black or clear anodized.  See examples here.

$79  Hinge set installed on custom solid wood plinth. See example here.

$139  New brushed aluminum black anodized machined armboard for SME tonearms.  Example here

$179 Replace front fascia switch plate with new machined brushed aluminum aftermarket  one with TWO switches

$40 Upgrade to cork-rubber composite record mat

$25  Upgrade to Torlon 4203 thrust pad for the platter bearing

$5 each  Replace damaged or worn switch covers

$60-$3K   Upgrade your catridge. I am a dealer for Hana, Ortofon, Dynavector, and Grado