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Rotator Cuff Injury

Before the rumor mill inserts itself, I just wanted to let folks know I am having rotator cuff surgery today.  I got t-boned at a red light in April, and the MRI showed a complete tear.

This will mean Vinyl Nirvana will be focusing mainly on small parts sales for a few months. I am still taking custom orders on Thorens turntables, but delivery will be delayed to spring. I am also accepting mid-80s ARs and Thorens TD-125s for restoration service , but just establishing the place in the queue, and then taking shipment in late spring. Of course, I can still conduct consults as well.

I should add, in terms of small parts sales, at first I’ll be shipping every other week, with the help of friend and my wife, and then later in November I should be able to ship on my own a couple of times a week.