Sapele Choices

Plinth 1

The first few pictures show the one with the fingerprint-like discolorations.  There are two on the right side, and 4-5 on the back. In some light they are more noticeable than others. For example, in these pics the side with the marks looks worse than the back, but the back has more pronounced marks in most other light.  This is the plinth that is $75 off.


Front and right side
Right side: note dark mark towards lower right…fingerprint size
Still right side, a less dark mark towards left middle
Front and left…no issues
This is the back, which in most light, shows 4-5 marks to far left and far right. These marks are darker than the right side marks.


Plinth 2

This is one I picked up Saturday night. My plinth-maker felt bad about the black marks (though it’s the wood not him) and so he went right to work on the second piece of sapele. I finished putting the finish on yesterday…no sign of any blemishes like the last. Note the small routered angle on the bottom.  Full price…


1/4″ routered bevel on bottom…

DSCN5382 DSCN5383 DSCN5384 DSCN5385