Thorens TD-125 Service List~ MKI or MKII

Thorens TD-125 MKI or MKII Service List

Power/Speed Control Board

  • Replace all components likely to fail, based upon having worked on 100s of these units
  • Reset to factory specifications at 16, 33, and 45rpm
  • Power and speed control switches thoroughly cleaned/treated so there is zero hesitation


  • Examine for excessive noise
  • Examine for excessive play and/or wobble
  • Lubricate as necessary
  • Clean motor pulley of belt residue to ensure speed consistency and brisk start up

Strobe Assembly/Pitch Control

  • Disassemble strobe, clean components
  • Clean and lubricate pitch control
  • Extensively test strobe/pitch at 16, 33, and 45rpm

Drive Platter and Drive Platter Bearing Well

  • Examine platter bearing well for excessive wear or damage
    • Re-machine if necessary
    • Replace thrust plate if necessary
  • Examine drive platter shaft for excessive wear, damage, or corrosion
  • Replace platter if necessary
  • Polish shaft and spindle
  • Clean/polish outer drive platter surface to ensure speed consistency

Outer platter

  • Test platter for flatness, replace if necessary
  • Clean/Polish outer drive platter surface
  • If using original mat, clean and treat with appropriate cleaning products
  • Clean/Polish 45 rpm adaptor (when using original mat)


  • Examine for excessive wear or damage, replace or refinish as necessary
  • Double check our geometry and/or drill for new arm
  • Replace corroded screws with new 316 stainless steel screws


  • Examine for excessive wear or damage, repair or replace as necessary
  • Treat veneer with appropriate cleaners/treatments
  • Double check corner bracing, repair as necessary
  • Double check all fasteners are tight and holding
  • Replace plyboard bottom if needed
  • Replace dated felt feet with upgrade Thorens rubber feet

Upper Metal Plate/Deck

  • Examine for damage or corrosion
    • Plates with excessive damage or corrosion are professionally sandblasted and powercoated
    • Plate is thoroughly cleaned with appropriate cleansers that will not damage the finish


  • All components of the suspension are disassembled, examined for damage/wear, and replaced as needed (springs, locknuts, plastic adjusters, metal and rubber washers)
    • Note rubber washers are not obtainable as new, so used in good condition must be used
    • All surfaces are cleaned to optimize function
    • Suspension is reassembled and tuned, utilizing all of the skills and tricks learned through having adjusted 100s of these

Front fascia plate and knobs

  • Front fascia plate is completely removed and cleaned/treated with appropriate cleansers that will not damage lettering, yet remove years if grime
  • If possible, small bends and dents are repaired. If damage is extensive, fascia plate is replaced
  • Knobs are thoroughly cleaned, or replaced if excessively damaged.

AC Cable

  • AC cable is examine for cuts/splits, replaced if necessary
  • AC cables is thoroughly cleaned of years of grime