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Tip of the Week, December 19, 2011

Not exactly audio-related, but I cannot praise highly enough what this little label printer has done for my shop and my shipping.  It is the Brother QL-570 and is available widely for less than $60.  It plugs into the USB plug of your computer, and it comes with very easy-to-use software.  I have used it for labeling everything in my shop.  It was quick and easy.  Additionally, I use the labeler daily for shipping.  It is recognized by both Paypal and eBay shipping interfaces, and before you know it, you have a self-sticking mailing label printed.  I ESPECIALLY love that you do not have to pay for INK; it operates through “thermal printing”…whatever that is!  I recently discovered you do NOT have to buy Brother labels for it; there are generics that use the Brother plastic roller.  Also, their customer service is outstanding…I had a problem with my first labeler, and it was promptly replaced.