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Tip of the Week, January 2, 2012

Update:  Sadly, after a 10 plus year relationship, I must report I am dropping Fedex.  Three unacceptable situations in one month is just too many, and I am tired of always being the one who has to initiate communication when there’s a case filed.  So long Fedex, never again.

As you can imagine, shipping vintage turntables is not for the faint of heart.  I have been doing it now for over 10 years.  My practices have gradually changed over time, hopefully all improvements, but one thing that hasn’t changed is I continue to use only FedEx for shipment of my complete turntables.  I don’t know how competitive their prices are, and I really don’t care, what matters is my packages get to where they’re supposed to be in the same condition they left my shop.  That’s been true for 10 solid years. It is also nice to see, via their new commercials, that they are moving towards much greener modes of transportation.