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Tip of the Week, January 30, 2012

NOT AN ENDORSEMENT! AVOID THIS COMPANY. At the end of December, I ordered some nice quality headshell leads.  After some very confusing telephone conversations, I finally received my package, but it was not what I ordered. They were extremely inferior leads, not as advertised.  The representative asked me to send a picture of what I got, which I did immediately.  Knowing that pictures sometimes have trouble getting through, I also sent an e-mail telling them I had sent the pictures.  Days passed. Weeks passed. No word from the company.  Finally, a couple of days ago, I decided to leave negative feedback for Hollywood DJs on several of the feedback sites they themselves promote.  Lo and behold, today I received an e-mail looking into the case!  After a whole month has expired, they are now telling me they cannot deliver the product I originally ordered.  For all this hassle, and lack of attention, they insult me by only offering a refund, nothing else.  Hollywood DJs is obviously a company that only looks out after itself, not its customers. Avoid them, and spread the word.