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Tip of the Week, January 9, 2012

The photo actually misrepresents my tip of the week, but I couldn’t resist using it once I saw it.  Many of you in restoring your own turntables may be faced with sticky residue from adhesives left on metal surfaces.  (For example, someone having used a glue to adhere a dust bug to a Thorens metal plate.)  I have found WD-40 to the best at removing that residue.  It takes some elbow grease, but with a clean cotton cloth and judicious use of WD-40, you can remove many types of adhesive residue without harming the surface.  As residue is transferred to the cloth, keep turning the cloth to a clean area.  As always, be careful to keep the WD-40 off of the surfaces of the pulley and drive platter.   And, always test in a small inconspicuous area, if possible.