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Tip of the Week, October 22nd, 2012

Vinyl Nirvana Thorens Motor Spindle Support Kit

One of the most catastrophic issues that can affect one of these great vintage tables is a damaged motor that knocks, disturbing the quiet operation of your beloved Thorens.  This newly introduced kit eliminates knock in your vintage Thorens motor.  You can buy the kit here.  It is intended for the vintage Thorens models listed in the eBay ad.

The Kit

The kit consists of an individually-machined nylon housing with a stainless steel adjustable pin and a stainless steel ball bearing tip.  The stainless steel pin has an internal spring that keeps consistent tension on the ball bearing, which in turn supports the motor’s spindle. The bearing is pre-lubricated for the life of the motor.


Installation is very do-it-yourself.  No need to remove the motor; it is done in place! Unplug the unit and remove the four screws holding the bottom plate, exposing the motor.  Locate the motor. Clean the surface.  Let dry. Use a small amount of super-glue (approved for nylon to metal) to attach the nylon housing to the motor. (Glue not included.)  The perfectly machined housing takes the guesswork out of positioning. Once the glue dries, plug the motor in and tighten the screw with a small plain screwdriver until the knock disappears.  Replace bottom.


I was stunned at the immediate difference this kit made in eliminating the knock in a Thorens TD-145 motor I could hear across the room!  Just a couple of turns of the pin, and the noise was gone!  I positioned my ear just inches from the motor and I could not even hear it running!   Unlike a similar kit on the market, this kit uses a nylon housing to reduce resonance, there is never a need for additional lubrication, and the internal spring exerts constant and consistent pressure.
Some have asked if the kit will help to prevent motor knock from developing in their Thorens motor, and it is my opinion it will because it raises the motor spindle off of the internal bushings.  Instead, the spindle is riding on the stainless steel ball bearing tip.

100% Guaranteed to eliminate your motor knock or it may be returned for full refund minus shipping.