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Tip of the Week, October 3, 2011

I read this on a forum years ago.  It’s especially helpful if you have a dark plinth that shows dust easily.  About once a week, instead of dusting my turntable with a cloth and risking catching the stylus, I use the duster pictured above instead.  Never directly aim it at the stylus itself, but blowing the dust off of your dust cover and your plinth is done in seconds using one of these cans.

Some people also use a duster to remove dust from an LP, but I would worry about the sandblasting effect happening at a microscopic level.  Therefore, I don’t advise that.  However, I’ve read so many stories over the years about people catching an expensive stylus in their dust cloth, that using this device instead certainly makes a lot of sense. It will also save getting those swirl marks on your dust cover, if you happen to own a new one.